About Aikido Book Series

Book 1 – About Aikido

The martial art of Aikido is many things to many people. What it is, and how it is defined can vary greatly depending on who you ask. About Aikido aims to guide you towards creating your own definition of what aikido is, is not, and could be.

This does not mean, for instance, detailing how to do an effective randori. Rather it’s about why randori is the purest expression of aikido in the dojo. The topics in About Aikido range over self-defence law; ukemi; and how aikido can encourage you to be a better person. There’s even a whole chapter to help you answer the often asked, ‘Why isn’t it in MMA?’

This book will help you ask, and answer, questions about why certain things in aikido are the way they are.

Book 2 – About Competition

Competition in aikido is a topic that divides its practitioners.

The debate over whether it should exist or not has been raging for decades with good arguments from both sides. This book gathers those arguments together and presents them in a single place. In doing so, neither side is promoted ahead of the other and both aspects are presented without bias. The points for and against competition in aikido, and their counters, are detailed within to promote discussion and understanding.

This is an expansion of the series on competition in aikido.

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