Analysis price

Base price = £30/hour

This is length of analysis video pro rata. If the analysis video is 30 mins then the price is £15.

This includes a single technique repeated (details below).


More techniques can be added in the same video for an additional £5/hour/technique. This is up to a maximum of 2 additional techniques (3 total). This effectively caps the price per hour at £40.

Spending cap

The person paying for the service (in this case you) can set a spending limit. This stops me taking people for a ride and doing a lot of filler, it also means you can control what you spend. i.e. If you only wanted to spend £10 then I would record a maximum of 20mins (assuming 1 technique).

Single technique

This means one technique repeated as many times as you like. E.g. you could film shomen uchi ikkyo omote 10 times and it is considered one technique.

  • Omote and Ura versions count as different techniques (e.g. yokomen uchi ikkyo ura and yokomen uchi ikkyo omote are different).
  • Altering the attack counts as different techniques (e.g. yokomen uchi ikkyo ura and ai hanmi ikkyo ura are different).
  • Altering the entry response counts as a different technique (e.g. stepping back to recieve yokomen uchi is different from stepping in to receive it).
  • Static and Dynamic are the same technique (e.g. shomen uchi ikkyo omote static is the same as shomen uchi ikkyo omote dynamic).

Seminar teaching

Please contact us for details.